Delivery Orders In One Place!

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Restaurant owners only need a single tablet to easily manage and automatically print all orders from their delivery apps.

Features and Perks

No New POS Needed

DeliverIT runs independently of POS, so you'll never need to change your systems or run into compatibility issues.

Automatic Order Printing

Connect with up to four printers and ensure both the front register and the kitchen are always on the same page!

Delivery Analytics

Always know what is going on with your restaurant's online delivery. See it all in one place with our powerful delivery analytics.

Works with any tablet

Our app is available for tablets on both the iOS and Android app store. 

Your orders in the same place

Centralize your favorite delivery apps in a single place, saving time and eliminating the possibility of missing orders.

Keeping track of delivery orders has never been this easy!

Our Solutions For Your Business


We help you to streamline your delivery platforms in a single place.

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Centralized order system with multiple platforms integrations.

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Ghost Kitchens

Centralized place to manage your orders and synchronize your kitchen.

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Easy to use & manage, providing real-time insight for your cafe. 

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Why deliverit?

Easy to use with no training needed

The DeliverIT app is intuitive to use with little to no training needed to make the most of the app! No previous knowledge or expertise required.

Simplify your restaurant and kitchen

With just one tablet to manage, DeliverIT saves your restaurant time and money. No more confusion about where orders are coming from.

Real people, here to help!

From signups to printer setup to tablet management, DeliverIT reps are with you at every step. We know running a restaurant is no easy.

Simplify your restaurant and kitchen

With DeliverIT, you’ll save time on every order. A faster and more efficient kitchen, means more orders fulfilled and more happy customers!

Try DeliverIT Today!

Bring your restaurant to the next level!

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In case you missed something

DeliverIT is an order management and organization solution for restaurants and other businesses that sell food online.

We integrate your online delivery platforms and printers into one unified system, all alongside your existing POS, for a happier, more efficient restaurant.

Once you sign up, our customer representatives will help you connect your delivery platforms to the DeliverIT dashboard. From the dashboard, you can add and manage your UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates orders.

Don’t have delivery apps? No worries! We can help you sign up. Contact us for a free consultation!

Our first month is Totally FREE.

Our service charges based on the number of orders you receive.

Our Basic plan starts at $69.00 and you can receive up to 550 orders per month. Our Pro plan is just $99.00 and allows you to receive up to 1250 orders per month.

Our app is available for tablets on both the iOS and Android app store. 

At this time, the app is not available for mobile download and will not appear on the iOS and Android app store when you search through your mobile

You can cancel your 30-day free trial at any time, no questions asked. DeliverIT will never charge customers before the end of the 30-day trial period.