Get Doordash working with other delivery platforms.​

Doordash with other delivery platforms!

Let go of having multiple tablets. Centralize all your delivery platforms. Save time and eliminate the possibility of missing orders when it gets busy.

An organized business!

Auto-print all orders, not just Doordash

All your orders will come in a single place it doesn't matter if it's Doordash or other Connect with up to four printers and ensure register and the kitchens on the same page!

Get full reports & all orders from all platforms

Always know what is going on with your restaurant's online delivery. Know how much you sold in just one place, realtime and with  powerful delivery analytics.

No new POS Needed

You will not need to buy those expensive and complex POS in order to have your delivery platforms centralized. You will only need a tablet and internet connection.

Great Support

We know that managing a restaurant is not an easy thing to do. That’s why will offer the best support from us, anytime you need.

Keeping track of delivery orders has never been this easy!

We have solutions for the the most important business models.

So you won't have to worry by managing your orders separately!

Our Solutions For Your Business

Meet DeliverIT, an all-in-one, integrating multiple platforms for multiple business models


We help you to strealine your delivery platforms in a single place.

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Centralized order system with multiple platforms integrations.

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Ghost Kitchens

Centralized place to manage your orders and synchronize your kitchen.

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Easy to use & manage, providing real-time insight for your cafe. 

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