How to use restaurant technology to your growth and advantage​

Unlike what was obtainable in the recent past, a lot of restaurants now adopt the use of technology for virtually every aspect of their service operations.

Restaurants now use gift cards, automated checkout systems, drink automation technology, online reservations, analytics and prediction algorithms, online orderings, automated point of sale systems, customer feedback management systems, and accounting software among technologies for the day-to-day running of their facilities.

Here are ways in which some of the mentioned restaurant technologies can be effectively utilized to your growth and advantage.

Use giftcards and loyalty programs

Technologically inclined restaurants sell gift cards to their loyal customers who make use of them for the payment of bills at a later time. Restaurant staff will collect the card from customers and charge their bill on the card. You can make such card be used for some selected purchases or allow its usage for all the services you offer. Other payment solutions can also be employed to make the payment and the payment record easy and effective.

Use an automated POS system

An automated Point of Sale system can be used to serve two purposes in a restaurant. Firstly, it can serve as a payment solution, and secondly, it can serve as part of the restaurant’s sales management platform.

The choice of POS may need you to seek some expert advice. When that is sorted, its usage keeps your restaurant at an advantage, as it helps track your inventory, is useful for analytics purposes, and its effectiveness is equally needed for customer satisfaction.

Customer feedback management

Your business needs feedback. Getting unbiased feedback from your customers just after getting served by your workers is germane for the growth of your business. With the use of a customer feedback management system, a restaurant owner gets to easily receive feedback in under a second.

Depending on the interface of the system, a feedback kiosk just by the exit door will have the rating buttons on it. Every visiting guest uses the button and leaves a rating before leaving the building. The system can also be designed such that it allows users to leave additional comments to better articulate how they feel.

Analyses of the ratings and responses will go a long way to assist the management to effect changes and sue for improvements where needed.

Restaurant analytics

In a bid to reduce manpower, a restaurant owner finding it difficult to employ multiple accounts may as well procure top-notch accounting software for the restaurant’s accounting needs and analytics. To the advantage of the restaurant, well-predicted analytics gives a reliable forecast of sales prediction and other intricate details needed for planning purposes.

The bottom line

In this age, and with the recent outbreak of coronavirus, if a comparison of two restaurants in the same locality is done, a huge difference in turnover and profit will be noticed.

The one who embraces technology and uses online reservations and online orderings for delivering services will be at an advantage. The reason is not far-fetched. By “taking” the meals and drinks to the tablets in the hand of android and ios users through online bookings, orderings, and reservations, you add spice to the customer’s dining experience.

To use this technology to its fullest, restaurants should automate their orders. Prepared meals and snacks should also be updated such that customers are not charged when products are out of stock or services are not available.

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